Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blues Brothers 2000

Director John Landis after some weak successes and his accomplice Dan Aykroyd (coauthor also in the previous movie) decided to give a following, 20 years after, to their first memorable chapter of Blues Brothers saga, despite the premature death of the main engine of the film, obviously, John Belushi. A double risk, then. Watching this film, actually, it seems that their first intent was the willing to live again the fun and to recreate the magic atmosphere of 1980, even if they were conscious that it would have been a very difficult task.

The joy to play and show the blues involved more or less of the world of the blues, so the most noticeable thing of this sequel is the large number of appearances, including Eric Clapton and BB. King

Stevie Winwood and Dr. John

Koko Taylor and Erikah Badou

And many many others.

You can read the summary, the soundtrack listing, the complete list of characters and interpreters and see many images from the movie Blues Brothers 2000 on Music-Graffiti website.

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