Thursday, April 08, 2010

Blues Brothers 1980

A road movie, a modern musical, a prototype for many others movies, the film of John Landis is completely full of pure blues spirit, together with his derivatives genres rhythm & blues, rock and soul, including even a short and funny excursion into the country & western genre. The plot is a sort of pretext, it's quite a joke, as in the previous movie of Landis, Animal House, where the energy and the transgression of the great John Belushi were presented for the first time. A straight man for Belushi was necessary this time, and the choice made by John Landis would have been the best one possible. Dan Aykroad was at that time a young and versatile actor, but he added to the film his still unknown talent in dance and interpretation and his particular absolutely emotionless approach. Apart that, Dan Aykroyd was also co-author of the screenplay. The third ingredient was the look, an immediate recognition for the two "brothers", very simple and a little bit unusual on 1980: black suit, black tie, white shirt, black hat, Ray-Ban black eye-glasses, the Blues Brothers had arrived and they would never leave us.

Plot summary, characters, cast, commented soundtrack and many images taken directly from the movie can be read and viewed on Music-Graffiti website, in the page dedicated to the mythical film of John Landis, The Blues Brothers (1980).

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