Sunday, January 20, 2013

Return to Vinyl

Is the old vinyl coming back? Wit ill be the classic black disc, the microgroove, the long-playing, the LP, that was declared obsolete already in the 80s, the legendary "successor of the CD", the magic object that music industry has not yet found to overcome the long period of decline in the market of music on physical media? It's unlikely that this will be a mass phenomenon, but vinyl and turntables are back in the shops, and that this is a good way to listen good music.

A new dedicated page of our site Music-Graffiti, the English version of the well known Italian website Musica & Memoria, is dedicated to some suggestions on products that can be a starting point (or even an end point) in the analog music world. Including these ones.

Pro-Ject RPM-9

Michell Gyro SE

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